Welcome to our new blog

Hello friends!
We are The Domestic Junkies, and we would like to welcome you to our new blog.  Like our name implies, we are “domestic junkies”. Our drugs of choice are picking out fabrics, rearranging furniture, and baking bread.  Sound too much like your grandma?  Well, I bet your grandma doesn’t have a hot pink kitchen! BOOM.

So just who are the Domestic Junkies?
Well, we’re a mother/daughter design team, who started up primarily to deal with our incessant need to decorate 24/7, and also because we are particularly appalled at the lack of great design in our town.  As you can imagine, there are many similarities between our own design styles.  We share an affinity for soft lilac walls, opt for easy slip covered pieces, and we both adore pink.  However, one of us is more new wave traditional, and one of us is eclectically bohemian.  No matter what differences exist between our own styles, what we stand for is the same. Bold colors, pretty patterns, and functional spaces.

What can you expect to see on the blog?
This will be a lifestyle blog, but one with design as it’s main focus.  We will share recipes, DIY ideas, and being avid readers (especially the mom part of this team) we will have a special section devoted to worthy books of all types. We will have a fun little column, Mother/daughter style, In which we will juxtapose different spaces of our own homes. One month we might juxtapose our entry ways, and another month maybe it might be our bar carts.  In addition, you will see plenty of before & after’s, home tours, and style guides.

Our Mission:
We want this blog to prove that great design is possible at any budget.  We want to change the way people think about design, and their own homes.  Your home is a reflection of you. Put the clutter away, get some fresh flowers, and let us help you do the rest.  The goal here is that when you walk into your home, you will feel the deepest happiness inside your soul. You will show everyone exactly who you are, no false pretenses.  Don’t you want to live in a happy home, and to give those you love such a visible glimpse inside your true self?

XO-Sherry & Tara

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