Birth of a new mom, birth of a decorator.

In the next few posts we would like to give you a glimpse into how we became the design obsessed ladies that we are today.  I will start off with my earliest inspirations, and hopefully by the end of these posts you will have a better understanding of who we are, what design aesthetic we prefer, and just how passionate we both are about creating beautiful spaces.

I grew up surrounded by the forward thinking design choices of my mother.  I remember these sofas upholstered in a creamy  fabric with embroidered gold stars, and a plush green velvet ottoman reminiscent of those curtains in Gone With The Wind.  I remember painted floors ( before they were trendy) bold Ralph Lauren florals, and many daring color combinations.  In the beginning we didn’t live in particularly nice neighborhoods, and we couldn’t afford to drive nice cars.  We didn’t have a lot, but when people stepped inside our house, it sure seemed to them that we lived a much different lifestyle, and we did.  We were living a paycheck to paycheck kind of life, but you never would have guessed that by walking in our house.  The facade of us having more money than we actually had was certainly not my mothers intent when she created beautiful spaces in our home,  it was just the effect of having done so.  It wasn’t about money or appearing to have money, it was about the quality of life that we had when we didn’t have much money.

 I got pregnant my sophomore year of college, and as you can imagine the beginnings of my own family bared quite the resemblance to my own childhood.  We lived in a loft style space upstairs in my parents house while my husband finished college, and I stayed home to raise our daughter.  The space was large enough, and my dad had added a bathroom up there for us, but it was outdated and in need of some renovations.  Up until that point, I had no real interest in decorating.  Though now, when I think back I can clearly see all the signs that were there under the surface, waiting for some huge life changing event to help propel them up into the consciousness of my being.  The huge life changing event was getting pregnant with my daughter.  The minute I found out I was going to be a mom, there was some sort of cosmic shift,  I could feel my true self swelling up inside me, until one day it had seemed that I had always been this way.  Some might think it sounds a little odd that the birth of a child could spark such an intense love affair with design, and maybe it is.  I, however, think it goes hand in hand.  It didn’t help that the birth of Domino magazine seemed to directly coincide with my new found domestic awakening.  That magazine gave me heart palpitations.  For the first time in my life there was a magazine that seemed perfectly tailored to my design aesthetic.   A miss mash of bohemian, modern, feminine, vintage, and eclectic.  Yep, that was me.  And, so it began.   I stenciled the ugly brown carpet in that upstairs.  It didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for, so we tore it up, and lived with the less than perfect hardwood floors underneath.  Besides, I was sure I’d seen floors like that in Domino, so it was cool.  I hand painted a headboard, hung citron colored curtains from the ceiling to divide the living space, and created new pillow covers from a Cynthia Rowley bedspread.  I. was. hooked.  

I became obsessed with making every detail of my life as pretty as it could be.  Sounds shallow, huh?  It’s not.  When you take the time to make every detail of your life beautiful, it forces you to be present.  You start to do things with intent, and purpose, and your more mindful of the decisions you make.  

The joy of great design is not limited to what the eye can see, its greatest power is in the effect it has on every other area of your life.


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