moms kokeshiHello Friends! I’m so excited to get started here in the blogging world, and so look forward to the wonderful times we will share together. For me its all about being inspired. That could mean anything from perusing House Beautiful, or a flicker of an idea at 3 am. One of my earliest memories involves a doll house, not one I actually possessed but one I wanted desperately! I must have been around 5 or so, and I really remember thinking my life would be awesome if I could just have a doll house. Even at that young  age I knew if I had that doll house it would be perfectly outfitted, and arranged to my liking.  I just KNEW how beautiful it would be.  To this day that is how I do things.  It’s instinct and inspiration all the way.  Now, for various reasons I never got that doll house but it never stopped me from making every space I inhabited as beautiful as I could, and as cozy as I could make it.  Let me tell you, I’m all about cozy! So I’m here to share my world with you, and I’m all about encouraging you to make your world as beautiful as you are!


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