Vintage Light Reflectors & Holiday Sadness

*Update* I wrote this post weeks ago, but got caught up in a dining room revamp, and then the holiday hubbub swirled in around me like a cyclone, and plus during that whole time my washer was broken.  It.Was.Hell.  I persevered, and decided on sharing this anyway, because as you will see later, it’s completely different than how I had planned it to be-and that’s OK.  It was a happy-organic process, and I succeeded in what I set out to do, which is avoid the depressive state that happens after the Holidays when all the sparkly, pretty things get put away.

Please tell me that I am not alone in the fact that I experience a profound depressed state after the holidays are over.  After its no longer customary to throw glitter on everything, and eat sugar cookies for breakfast.   Putting away the lights, the wreaths, the tiny reindeer, the Christmas villages, all the shiny baubles-it’s all just too much.  It’s not just the putting away of these “things” that is difficult, it’s the spirit and wonder of the season that seems to go into hibernating with all of it…that’s the problem.  This year I am obsessing about the mantle, I know-I know, first world problems.  I have a game plan and it involves a string of vintage reflector lights.  Martha mother effin Stewart has done went and sent me into an E-bay bidding frenzy.  She is to blame for the countless hours I have spent on E-bay-furiously searching for the perfect set of vintage light reflectors.  The one page feature, titled “Powered Flowers,” had me swooning, and I knew I absolutely had to hunt these down.  Why, you ask?  To add to my already outrageous amount of Christmas decorations?  NO!  Guess again…These lights are part 1 of my Happiness After The Holidays plan.  2014 is going to start off with shiny lights, apothecary jars full of confetti and glitter, inspiring typography prints, and lots of pretty blooms!  It’s a good plan, right?




After days of searching, and many bidding wars.  Yes, WARS, (Some of these are very sought after, and can go for quite a bit of moolah) I found the perfect set (pictured above).  I got a 92 piece set of vintage light reflectors for $15, which is amazing considering a 49 piece set had just went for $50!!  I got lucky!  Originally when I saw them in the magazine, I was thinking of a DIY version, but Tiffanie Turner from the Corner Blog beat me to it.  She came up with this amazing DIY tutorial for reflector lights, and they are absolutely beautiful.  I recently stumbled on her blog, and I fell in love.  Her crepe paper flowers are spectacular!

So here is my blueprint for trying to dodge the post holiday slump:

This print from Rifle Paper Co. has been calling my name, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy it for le mantle.


These prints from Etsy seller Alphonnsine also need to be mine:



I think these prints layered with a few photos, stacks of books with bright spines, confetti filled apothecary jars, colorful vintage reflector lights around the mirror, and fresh flowers are going to be better than Prozac! Obvs, when I’m done I’ll totes share the finished product.


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