The name of this Israeli tomato and egg dish is now one of my new favorite words.  I simply cannot stop saying it-I think my husband wants to punch me in the face.  Though I do love saying Shakshuka (Shack-Shooooooka), I much rather eat it.  Usually my family doesn’t need an invitation to toast a baguette, and shove it into our face holes, but with this dish it’s practically a requirement! Praise be to Jesus, I thought the day would never come that someone would advise me to dip hunks of bread into a tomato based sauce and plow them into my mouth.
shak1I had never heard of this dish before, until seeing it one day in a magazine.  I’m sure it was fate, because instantly I had an immense craving for this mysterious Shakshuka, and had make it.  It was like my mind cut and pasted all the different flavors from a Rolodex of previous food experiences, and shot some imaginary concoction of what this recipe might taste like right into my mouth.  Seriously, ya’lls-I could taste it!


The ingredient list is simple, and other than poaching the eggs in the broth, which might make some people uncomfortable (poaching is either love or hate) it’s a really easy dish to prepare.  I followed this adaptation by the amazing Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen.  I heart her big time.


Go make Shakshuka for dinner and tell me if you loved it as much as I did!


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