Shit Just Got Glamorous Around Here…

Has it been nearly three weeks already? I’d apologize, but for the whopping five people that read this blog their really not all that surprised.  Things have been totes cray.  My mom and her twin sis celebrated their 50th birthday, we’ve been working on a living room spruce up (shocker) and I’ve been working on some design consulting. Andplusalso-life shit, like attempting to work out, eating better, managing time more efficiently, keeping 3lbs of dog hair off the floor everyday.  Oy vey.  

I recently (via another blogger) discovered these beautiful goal card printables.  You should know by now how much I love to set goals and make lists.  These pretties make me even more over zealous about my goal making.  And I’ll have you know, that so far I have been able to cross everything off of my lists, so I’m pretty sure these are magical goal cards.

xSeven-Swans_Goal-Cards_0002.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jgxT3SBvEv {Image via The Pretty Blog}

I thought I’d share some snippets of my life right now with you. On the decorating forefront I have to share these ahhhhmazing brass lamps I got for a friggin steal at the the thrift store.  I had been eyeing one for almost a year, but $25 was pushing it for a thrift store lamp.  I don’t usually lean toward holding out on purchases, I am more of a see it-love it-pounce on it kinda gal, but I lucked out because this bad boy was on clearance for $5! I’ve seen the same lamp selling for $40 at an antiques mall, and on Etsy I found lamps like these (some identical) for upwards of $160/pair! Holy Hollywood Regency deliciousness.  I added gold lined lampshades from Target for a little extra glitz.  

{Decorating}brass lamp 1

brass lamp entry

I’m not sure if you noticed, but we painted the living room (again).  With the dining room being so glamorous it was time to chic up living room.  The paint color is Marilyn’s dress by Benjamin Moore.  It’s a lovely gray with a subtle hint of blue.  I bought the Sanela gray velvet drapes from ikea.  They are lovely for the price, though I do wish they were lined and had a little more weight to them.  I’ll probably line them in the future, and maybe add an extra set of panels for fullness.  They come as a grommet panel, but that shit had to go.  Being the lazy ass that I am, I simply snipped off the grommet tab, and hung them with brass curtain rings.

 {Currently reading}currently reading

{Growing} *fingers crossedfiddle figIkea finally had fiddle leaf figs in stock, so naturally I bought one. I’m obsessed, and want my entire house filled with plants now.  Plants add such a lovely organic element to a room.  I also made new roman shades for the fireplace bookcases, it’s a cheap polka dottie fabric-the photos don’t do it justice.  It’s rich, but also fun with a side order of sophisticated.  I’ll be sure to share more photos of the updated living room soon.

Ohhh, and one last thing:

{Listening & Loving}Lorde_Pure_HeroineIf you haven’t purchased this yet, GET ON IT. It’s sooooo good. It makes dinner prep much more enjoyable.  


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