Plotter Poster Obsessions

Happy hump day ya’ll!

Before I get into my latest obsession, I kind of need to have a talk with you.  It’s not you, it’s me.  No, really.  When I started this blog I intended it to be entirely my own projects, recipes, DIY’s, etc.  The problem is that I’m realizing that it’s not entirely realistic, and also I feel like it holds me back from posting more frequently.  I didn’t don’t want to be one of those bloggers who shares snippets of other peoples shit all the time.  I feel like so often I read blogs and all the content is just sort of volleyed from one blogger to another.  That is not, and nor was it ever ok with me.  I want this blog to focus on original content, not relying on other’s for tossed around home tours, round-ups, and DIY’s.  BUT, I also realize that it’s ok to share things I find inspiring, or to create my own round-up of products or shops that I love, or dare I say share photos of someone elses home.  I guess I’m starting to understand that I have more to offer than just sharing my own interior projects.  It’s time to branch out, friends.  Get ready for a wider range of content, cause it’s coming at-cha.  

OK, so onto my plotter poster obsession.  Plotter posters are generally used for design purposes, architectural, engineering and so on, but also serve as low cost options for large format art.  In most cases you can find posters that are 24×30 or larger for around $50, and anyone who’s ever priced large scale art knows that’s a steal.  Large format art posters are great because A. They make a statement and B. Also take up a lot of surface area, so often just one large scale print is all you need to make an impact.  

Another great thing about these plotter prints is the diverse subject matter.  My favorites include landscapes and animals.

il_570xN.382913178_ee9x{Via Steven Beckly, Etsy} 

il_570xN.244410299{Image via Debbie Carlos, Etsy}

il_570xN.441765196_9yxm{Via, Wannanea, Etsy}

il_570xN.442515585_jp3g (1){Via, Wannanea, Etsy}

P.S. I probably am most definitely purchasing the floral one for the living room.


One thought on “Plotter Poster Obsessions

  1. Diane Spitzig

    Can’t wait for you to see the prints I ordered off of Etsy! You’ll be stoked. We move in on Sunday and then it’s on for the decorating stage!

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