Tales From A Land Called Half Ass

Oh boy. I know what your thinking. Really? We’re going to try and start doing this…again?  And the answer is yes, after well over a year I am giving it another try.  My entire life is built around inconsistency, and I’m not sure I had any doubts that blogging was going to be different.  Suffice it to say, its a pattern-woven with a delicate thread of procrastination, laziness, and insecurity.  It’s just part of who I am.  I’m not saying I’m happy about it-but listen, for right now, and for a very long time before this, I was never really an all in, all the time kinda girl, I’m all in part time. I eat super healthy for two months and then I buy fruit loops and Hawaiian rolls, I work out 5 months out of the year in one week intervals, I leave partially read books lying all around our house. I know a certain amount of this is normal, we aren’t perfect beings, were going to miss work outs, were going to eat french fries occasionally, and if your like me, your going to stop writing your blog for over a year and continue that pattern for the rest of your life. Nah, I’m kidding.  Well, I’m trying to joke about it, but the truth is that If I don’t start making some changes that’s exactly whats going to happen. It’s almost like I’m the star in my own version of Groundhog Day. If I’m being honest I guess I’m only ever really putting in half the effort with most things, and whatever effort I do put in quickly fizzles, until I arrive back to my previous destination of not giving a shit.  I want to be different, truly I do.  I want to blog, find a healthy balance between eating brussels sprouts and donuts, be consistent with exercise, and I’d like to finish some of those books I’ve been taking 8 months to read.  So look, this is me trying again. You might only hear from me for a few months before I take another six month sabbatical, or I just might figure this whole consistency thing out, blog everydamnday, and then become super famous and rich.  Either way, I hope you stick around.

I know your all probably grief stricken at the amount of interior awesomeness I’ve kept you from. One of the biggest changes we made was painting the exterior of our bungalow, by ourselves I might add.  It was labor intensive but cost effective, and only one person (my dear dad) broke their wrist during the whole process, so were calling it a win. Blog post to come soon.

We’ve also painted a mural on our living room wall, swtiched up lighting, zhuzhed up the mantle approximately 100 times , got a mid century sofa that I named Lillian, started an Etsy shop, kept lots of plants alive, and loads of other super fun stuff that I will shove into various blog posts that thousands upon thousands of you will flock here to read.

In the meantime here’s some sneak peaks lazily borrowed from my Instagram:

11-2-15 069 11-2-15 064 11-2-15 078


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