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Hello! So, you’re a little curious about The Domestic Junkies, huh? Well, we are a mother/daughter design team that hails from small town Ohio.  You can think of us as sort of modern-day, feminist, June Cleaver types.  We love design, baking, cooking, and creating. And while we plan to share all these things with you, we believe our design aesthetic is what will help us stand out in this vast sea of lifestyle blogs.

While we do share many similarities, my design approach is much different from my mothers, and vice versa. I’ll tell you one thing we both agree on, this world of interiors has seen enough BEIGE. My mom is more traditional, with pops of color, and limited pattern, and I am more eclectic, using many colors and patterns. We feel that we can appeal to the masses by combining bits and pieces of both styles.

Design is more than just a passion for us, it’s about creating a space that makes your soul smile, a space that is utterly “you”.  So, go sit in a comfy chair, grab some tea, and stay a while with us.  Lets create a vibrant life together.

XO Sherry & Tara

If you have any questions please contact us at Domesticjunkie@att.net

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